Jvm, Jmx, Apache, And Iplanet Monitoring…how?

by Jun 25, 2008

I am evaluating up.time and we are finding it to be great for server monitoring and the customization is very good.

We are running ATG Dynamo Application Server Java 1.4.2 with the ATG Commerce Engine on top. They provide a MIB which will allow me to see all the data that I need to see.

I don't see a way to monitor just a JVM unless there are MIBs for monitoring JVMs.

I also do not see a way to do JMX monitoring which is going to be important for us soon.

We also currently use a mix of Apache and iPlanet for our webservers…are these going to need to be done via snmp also?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Eric Garcia
Neiman Marcus Online