Keep Your MySQL Servers Running Smoothly

by May 6, 2020

During these hard times, it is important to maintain the performance and security of your MySQL servers.

Organizations are reacting to rapidly changing demands because of the escalating crisis while their staff works at home. This can result in strained IT systems, especially databases.

IDERA’s Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is a robust tool that provides an intuitive graphical user interface to manage MySQL performance and security. With SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL, you can:

Monitor in real-time for corrective action and to resolve issues
Track and compare all changes to configuration files
Monitor, alert, and kill locked or long-running queries in real-time
Find top 10 queries across servers based on execution time
Monitor Amazon RDS, Azure Database, Google Cloud SQL, and Oracle Cloud Service

Get a free, fully functional trial of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL to try it for yourself. Then, easily purchase online.