Key Considerations for Selecting a Database Tool

by Nov 15, 2018

Database professionals must handle many different tasks during the work day, ranging from creating queries and scripts to comparing and editing dataset results, just to name a few. Whether you’re a DBA or a developer, you may have some frequently repeated responsibilities and goals, which means there is an opportunity to simplify and automate tasks to be more productive on a daily basis.

A good database tool can help you to do just that. Greg Robidoux’s whitepaper, Key Considerations for Selecting a Database Tool, discusses some of the tasks that database professionals deal with on a regular basis and suggests key capabilities you may want to consider when selecting a database tool. A consistent user interface is particularly important if you’re working with more than one database platforms, so that you don’t have to remember all the different implementations.

When evaluating and selecting a database tool, think about the features you are going to be using the most and whether they are available in the tool you are considering. Aqua Data Studio contains features that help you accelerate query writing, data editing, and schema comparing for multiple platforms, among many other tasks. Jackson National Life Insurance improved their team productivity and reduced costs for their multi-platform environment with the rich feature set in Aqua Data Studio. Try it yourself free for 14 days.