Latest Mac OS X Java Update to 1.6.0_51 Seems Broken

by Jun 19, 2013

The update to 1.6.0_51 seems broken and causes ADS to no longer be functional. In diagnosing the problem, we have been able to add a small patch which will get Aqua Data Studio up and running, although we are not sure of the full extent of the Apple Java bug. The primary recommendation we are providing customers is to revert Java to 1.6.0_45 or earlier for the use with Aqua Data Studio. If this is not an option, you can use the new patched version of Aqua Data Studio, which are 12.0.22 and 13.0.3. Have uploaded full installers and patches for these versions here …

13.0 :

12.0 :

If you still have issues with these new builds, please let us know and we can diagnose further.


(6//19/13) – Outdated

1) If you're using time machine, revert back prior to the 1.6.0_51 Java update OR

2) Lower the maximum memory allocated to ADS to 128m or below. Instructions on how to change memory setting. You need to change the "-Xmx" value.…/Launcher-Memory-Configuration OR

3) Install Java 1.7 and launch ADS with Java 1.7. Instructions below:

i) Launch a terminal window and type "java -version" ==> ensure that 1.7 is your default. If not, then you can download Java 1.7 from Oracle's website:…/jre7-downloads-1880261.html
ii) Replace your existing file with the one I've attached. The file is located in: Right click on the "Aqua Data Studio" icon -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> Resources
– In a terminal window, type: cd /Aqua Data
– Give execute access to this file: sudo chmod +x
– Then type: ./
– After ADS launches, go to Help -> Support Information to verify Java 7 is being used