Learning Powershell: Where do you start?

by Mar 2, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to Powershell and very curious and anxious to get started but I'm not sure where to begin.  I currently work two jobs at the moment providing VDI engineering/support. 

In one job I am working as an Engineer supporting XenDesktop users with VMware as a hosting platform where the users have persistent (dedicated) desktops and we also use XenApp.  The other job is a 100% VMware shop where I work as an Administrator with VMware View users that have linked-clone (non-persistent) desktops and we also use ThinApp.

With that said, where do I start?!?!  I came into both positions relatively early in the implementation stages.  Job one will scale to 1700 users (200+ currently) and job 2 will scale to 6700 users (currently 500+).  Since the environments have not scaled to their full potential, I would like to start getting my feet wet with Powershell (and PowerCLI).  I don't want to run before I crawl either.