Limitation in the size of Precise Custom Reports

by Jun 26, 2014

Precise has software which will create out of the box reports, more commonly call “canned” reports. Precise also provides the ability for users to create their own reports.  These are called “customized” reports.  Customized reports, when run, are formatted into an Excel spreadsheet.  Canned reports are formatted into PDF.  There is a limitation, in customized reports, which will allow only up to 65K rows. The reason being, versions of Microsoft Excel, prior to the 2007 release were limited to 65K rows per sheet, and thus, so was the Precise Report product.  Although this constraint has been increased with Microsoft Excel 2007, the limitation still exists in files made available for use outside of the Microsoft proprietary executables.  Therefore, Precise Reports are still limited to generating reports of 65K, or less.