Manage Disaster Recovery for SQL Server [Live Webinar]

by Nov 8, 2021

Database administrators need a robust solution to backup and recover their SQL Server databases to significantly reduce the effort, time, and risk involved in managing backups.

Join the interactive webinar "Manage disaster recovery for SQL Server" on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 10 am CDT to learn how to manage backup and restore operations to ensure organizational compliance, and reduce backup time and storage space with dynamic compression with encryption. Also see how to recover instantly, and set up virtual databases from backups without consuming additional disk space.

SQL Safe Backup provides a single console for all errors and issues to gain confidence in having backups and rapid restoration when needed. Learn about the top features and benefits of SQL Safe Backup, and how to get started quickly.

Participants can shape the topics discussed as the presenter will take questions and answer them live during the webinar.

If you cannot attend live, please register anyway, and you can view the webinar recording after the session.

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