Lucky number 13 : Big Data, Little Data, we don't discriminate

by Mar 13, 2013

We have begun seeding release candidates of Aqua Data Studio version 13.0 with a planned stable release beginning of May. We have some new members to the family, which include Greenplum, Vertica and SQLite. The three expand both our big data and embedded database support. Here are links to the new features and installers :

New Features :…/What-s-New-in-Version-13-0

Installers :

Sybase famously skipped version 13 and 14 because they are considered unlucky numbers in some cultures. They went from 12.5 to 15.0. MS Office internal version went from 12 to 14. WordPerfect Office version 13 was marked as X3. Oracle has a beta of 12c out, so it may take a few more years to see if they will skip 13. But Ubuntu seems to be on track to deliver 13.04. We had discussions on skipping version 13.0, but concluded that we are not superstitious, and if someone is, they should have a positive outlook and consider the lucky number 13.…/Versioning…/13_(number)