Make a file copy, Rename the file, Copy the file to an ftp directory

by Jan 20, 2012

I'm totally new to PowerShell, so bear with me….I have 3 books to read.

I have a daily task that I would like to automate with a script and then use Windows Task Scheduler to run it.  I copy and rename 6 files on a network drive, then move the files with the new names to an ftp directory. 

1) On my local PC I go to a network drive, and make a copy of 6 files (file name changes daily). 

2) Then I rename the files to a standard naming convention for each of the 6 files.  The original filename will be something like ABC_FILE_2012-C1630_01-18-12.xls and the new file name will be filename_x_c#.xls where '#' is replaced by the number following 'C' in the original file.  ie,  ABC_FILE_2012-C1630_01-18-12.xls becomes filename_x_c1630.xls.

3) Copy the 6 renamed files to an ftp server (with specific userid/pw) directory.

4) Need to Create a Windows Sheduled Task to run this script daily.

Can someone provide an outline of the PS script that I would need to do this?