Make SQL Server performance easy

by Apr 28, 2022

Every database administrator hates to wake up at midnight just to learn there is an emergency with their database. Sometimes, even though their hardware specifications are above par and they know everything was working fine earlier that day, database administrators still faced a slow server. There are always some early indicators which can help database administrators predict upcoming issues. Monitoring their database and keeping a vigilant eye on the database key areas are mandatory tasks for all database administrators.

Watch the educational Geek Sync webinar “SQL Server performance made easy” with Pinal Dave as he walks through common performance issues and best practices to solve them. This session will include how to identify inefficient queries, and how to recognize queries causing blocking and deadlocks. Also, discover how to resolve wait statistics, and how to analyze wait statistics and resolutions. Pinal will also walk through how to isolate performance root cause with workload analysis and how to review predictive performance alerts.

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