Missing Window Panels on Left

by Nov 4, 2015

eft side of the GUI I used to have the mounted drives/files; and the list of server groups in windows. Somehow they got detached and I can’t bring them back.

If I go to the Window menu, I’ve tried all the show/hide options, nothing seems to bring those panels back.


Niels Gron over 7 years ago
If you double click on the tab header of one of the tab windows you have open it should bring the tree browsers back.

You can also use Windows->[Show/Hide Tree Panels]

Jay Bonk over 7 years ago
Hi Niels,

Unfortunately I have no tab windows open when the application launches.

Using Windows->(Show/Hide Tree Panels) does not work. When I select it, I see the Panel flash quickly on another monitor and then disappear. It seems somehow I managed to set it to floating. But now it’s not accessible at all.

I deleted the application and reinstalled in – hoping that would help, but it didn’t/



Niels Gron over 7 years ago
You can do the following :

1. Close ADS
2. Backup and delete the file \.datastudio.properties
3. Run ADS

Jay Bonk over 7 years ago
Where would I find the file on a Mac?


Niels Gron over 7 years ago
On OSX, you would find the file in /Users/USERNAME/.datastudio/datastudio.properties, where USERNAME is your users account name. You can access the file from a terminal window or you can use Finder, but keep in mind that “.datastudio” is considered a hidden file because it starts with a dot “.”, so you need to use Go->[Got to Folder] or enable displaying of hidden files.

Jay Bonk over 7 years ago
That fixed it – THANKS !!!!