"monitor Failed: Connection Reset" Error

by Aug 21, 2013

I’m stumped. I’m getting the error in the topic title for 2 different elements under ‘monitor information.’


My setup:

– up.time 7.1 monitoring station on RHEL 6.4_64

– one element is RHEL 5.9, running uptimeagent v. 6.0.0

– one element is RHEL 6.3, running uptimeagent v. 6.0.0


Troubleshooting done so far:

– there were zero results when I searched for “Monitor failed: Connection reset” on this support site

– dropped and re-added these elements on monitoring station

– uninstalled agent and reinstalled agent, then dropped and re-added elements on monitoring station again. I was a lazy sysadmin and did not note the original version of the uptimeagent software. It’s possible that I installed a newer version on one or both systems.


The last troubleshooting step seemed to make the problem go away for a short while (on the order of minutes), but it came right back. Another interesting tidbit is that both of these elements are part of redundant systems with similar hostnames and hardware/software configurations where the up.time agent is functioning properly on the other systems. e.g. somehost1 and somehost2 are identical hardware and software, and the up.time agent is responsive on somehost2, but I’m receiving this error on somehost1.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.