Monitoring downtime and MySQL performance for TicketsCAD

by Sep 15, 2016

Problem and Business Impact

TicketsCAD is an Open Source project to create a computer-assisted dispatch (CAD) system for end users that can't afford $10,000+ commercial systems but still have the need for the benefits of one. With approx. 25+ servers, spread overseas, used for free hosting of the TicketsCAD system by end users, who lack the resources to provide their own server and install Tickets. The Tickets system is a PHP application that uses MySQL as its database system. With these many servers and when each end user is running their own copy of Tickets and their database, it became very hard to monitor downtime, MySQL performance metrics, etc. on all the servers and was a manual process, sometimes being reported by an end user having an issue without knowing proactively. TicketsCAD needed a better way to streamline their monitoring and ease management of MySQL servers.

Kevin Bednar, Server Manager, TicketsCAD says,

“Monitoring downtime and performance tuning is paramount for a product that enables end users to run their own copy of tickets and their database thereby eliminating bad user experience.”

Ease of Getting Started with Monyog

Monyog segued beautifully into their server layout. Being agentless made it extremely easy to integrate without needing to touch/install anything on each server, so it took much less time to get up and running. They simply installed Monyog and started configuring the connections to each server.

Kevin Bednar, Server Manager, TicketsCAD further adds,

“Monyog is a product that any MySQL user, whether small, medium or large, should have in their admin arsenal.”

Solution and Instant Gratification

Monyog has been a great help to our project, not only from a proactive server monitoring standpoint but also allowing us to make the application better/faster with performance information. It’s a product that any MySQL user, whether small, medium or large, should have in their admin arsenal.

Being agentless is great. Much less intrusive, no additional software to worry about installing or having an issue with, and it's been working flawlessly since we set it up. What more could a server admin ask for?! Very pleased with it.