Monitoring New Database Created On Mysql From Monyog

by Oct 15, 2015

Hi Team,

I want to monitor mysql databases (to get a mail ) whenever a new database,table or database dropped.I am able to find the monitor under commands and schema 

1) Number of databases created

2) Number of databases dropped


I ahve two questions here.


1) I want to get mail alert when a new database is created/Dropped.What is the script to be written in the Alert condition and what is critical and warning condition i need to mention

2)I tried enabling this monitor and it started sending mails as number of database created:0 every five minutes(mail alert will come 5 minutes) .I edited notify to NO in view advanced settings but still i am getting alerts and filling my inbox.I suspect the change has not gone to underlying monyog database.


Could you help me in resolving this two issues please