Monitoring Oracle Containers and Pluggable Databases with Precise

by May 14, 2020

Precise for Oracle allows you to monitor Oracle Container Databases and Pluggable Databases (also known as Oracle Mult Tenant Architecture). It shows the activity in the Container as well as in the individual Pluggable Database.

Precise can monitor all Oracle Container Databases from 12.2 onwards including Oracle 18C, 19C and soon to be 20C at the time of publishing.

Precise provides you with the ability to monitor the overall Instance and to see how each pluggable database is performing.

In the screenshot below we get an overall view of the performance of the Container database showing us how each container is performing

In the Activity Tab we can choose the Containers option to show us the performance of the containers and see which one is consuming the most resource within Oracle. In our example we can see that the ORCLPDB container is the busiest container.

We can drill down into the container and see what is happening there.

We can see the busiest statements that are running and consuming the most resource. With Precise it shows what statements are consuming the most resource and time within Oracle. This allows us to investigate very quickly what is causing that and whether the query can be tuned or not.

By choosing the tune icon we can drill down into that SQL statement  and we can check the execution plan. 

We can see what objects are affected and Precise allows us to identify any recommendations for the query.

This allows us to quickly investigate, diagnose, determine and recommend a solution for queries.

We can also see what Oracle objects are hot within the containers too

The Objects Tab shows us an overview of what Tables and indexes are the busiest within the instance. Within this view we can see the container that it belongs to

We can choose the Container and see the busiest objects for this container.

We can select one of the busy tables in the container and we can look at whether we can tune the table

This shows the Tables, its indexes and partitions.

It also shows us which access types are used most frequently.

By selecting the main finding for index overhead, we can see which statements are causing the biggest overhead


With Precise we can monitor the activity in the Oracle instance but with Oracle Container Databases we can monitor the activity in all of the pluggable databases and get the same depth of detailed information as we can monitoring Non Container databases.

Precise provides the ability to quickly identify, diagnose, determine the performance issues and recommend  solutions