Monitoring Sql Job Status

by Jan 21, 2014

This is another Nagios script that I made a couple of adjustments to in order to make the output more Uptime friendly.


It runs quite well as a Custom Remote monitor.  You will need to create a UDL file for the authentication to the database.  If yu dont modify the script it will need to be called uptimeadmin.udl and placed in the agent path.  If you have moved the agent to a non-default location you will also need to update the script.  The login for SQL that you create in the UDL file must have the approrpriate permissions to run the queries against the msdb system database.  Also dont forget to make the appropriate settings in the agent for the custom script


The script will require no arguments just match on doesn’t contain “None” for alerting.  If a job fails its name will appear in the output. It checks all jobs on the system for status so there is no need to update the script or its arguments when jobs are added or subtracted making this very easy to put in a service group.


I didn’t write the script…. just modified and tested it… YMMV