Monitoring your Amazon Aurora Databases using Monyog

by Aug 19, 2015

We're excited to announce the general availability of Monyog for Amazon Aurora. Amazon Web Services' (AWS) latest offering, the Aurora database combines the speed and availability of commercial databases with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of open source databases. Designed to provide up to 5x improved performance than MySQL at a price that's one-tenth of any commercial RDBMS, Aurora definitely looks promising.

Aurora is fault-tolerant by design, since it replicates data into three locations, making it highly available. To monitor your Aurora databases, you can always rely on Monyog to do the job for you.

Aurora doesn’t allow to install anything on your Aurora database. Since Monyog is built on an agent-less architecture, it can connect to Aurora without any hassle.

Connecting to Aurora
Enter the DNS address of your Aurora instance in 'Add server' screen, enter your credentials and you're done. Monyog will start monitoring your Aurora database right away.

You can download and install Monyog locally or launch the Monyog AMI from the Amazon Marketplace. If you're new to Monyog, do check out the top features of Monyog.

Go ahead, download a free trial of Monyog and start monitoring your Aurora instance right away. If you have any feedback or questions, drop a comment below.