Monyog 2.5 has been released

by Jul 18, 2008

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to release MONyog 2.5 FINAL.

First: for the overall concepts and considerations with this release please refer to this BLOG post (from the release of first beta).

Details for this release (as compared to version 2.06) are:


MySQL Server Log Analysis: MONyog is now able to retrieve (completely or partially) the General Query Log and the Slow Query Log (whether stored as files or tables on the server) from the MySQL servers it connects to and analyze them.

Query Sniffer: A 'query sniffer' is implemented that will record a 'pseudo log' on the client (MONyog) side. The sniffer is useful when 'real logs' are not available, but also the sniffer has various filtering options what will sometimes make it more useful than the 'real server logs' also when they are available.

The log analysis component will (whether operating on a 'real log' or a 'sniffer pseudo log') only display identical queries once but print a 'count' for every query. Important information (like execution time, number of instances for this query etc.) will be displayed in a sortable table view.

In the log analyzer 'Filter settings' (not to be confused the filter settings of the 'query sniffer') there further is an option to 'replace literals'. The purpose of this option is to eliminate small differences between 'almost identical' queries. Currently 'quoted strings' and numbers are replaced with the dummy string 'XXX' only. We may extend this feature to support more (like special keywords and functions (like NULL, now()), operators etc.) in the next releases. It will depend on the demand for this as compared to the demand for other features. Also note that the current implementation has the 'imperfection' that also numbers that are not values (like the '1' in identifiers like `column1`) will be replaced.

More Linux system counters added: Counters related to Linux memory (including swap) usage added.

RPM build now supports SuSE and Mandrake/Mandriva Linux distributions.

Bug fixes:

* Under specific circumstances the MONyog service would stop very slow.
* If network connection was temporarily unavailable the first CPU value after network came back told 100% CPU load.
* The temporary files for storing public/private keys are now being created with very restrictive file permission in Linux. So only the owner will be able to read/write these temporary files. Although these files would exist only for a fraction of second, in earlier versions of MONyog other users in the same Linux system could get access to them within that small timeslice.
* Fixed an issue with trending where graphs would not always display properly for uptime-based counters.
* MONyog.ini file and MONyog database files on Linux are now only readable for user who starts/installs (.gz and RPM build respectively) Monyog (and of course for any user too that was given access by a root user). Before the files were world-readable. This applies to fresh installations only – there is no change with existing installations.
* Solved an issue where slow startup could occur if lots of servers were registered (Technical: If MONyog had not been running for a while, large amounts of data could require deletion from the MONyog database. The queries used to identify those data would generate significant I/O at startup. The retention process is now 'smoothed over time' and indexes have been added for more efficient deletions).

Important fixes as compared to previous 2.5 betas are:
* Optimized SFTP code. Log Analyzer is now several times faster than what previous Betas were.
* A log file parsing issue with MySQL 5.1.x was resolved.
* Fixed an issue that could occur if some queries in log had binary data. A gibberish error message was displayed.