Monyog 2.8 Has Been Released

by Sep 30, 2008

Top 5 tables in this blog Dashboard view of the Top 5 tables being used by this blog. Current release of MONyog shows the disk usage even at table level.

Changes (as compared to 2.72) include:

* Added new monitoring module displaying disk usage information for databases and tables.
* Display of slow log data in Log Analyser had added more information (about when query occured, information about number of rows examined and sent)

Bug fixes:
* When a multibyte character was used in a connection name the display would garble and also the connection could not be deleted from GUI.
* When connection was not available the caption for counters should display "n/a". Since 2.71 it would instead display a string exposing an internal value (example: "NumCounterWithSeconds")

As compared to 2.8 beta1 this also includes:

* Disk usage (table level view) now displays the ENGINE for every table.