MONyog 2.9 beta 1 Has Been Released

by Nov 17, 2008

*  This release adds a 'basetime' setting in MONyog. This setting (if defined by user) will be used for calculation of uptime-base counters.  The reason for this implementation is that if FLUSH STATUS is executed with a MySQL server, specific server status variables will be reset to the same value as would be after a server restart. However the 'uptime' status variable itself is not affected by FLUSH STATUS. And as uptime-based counters will relate the value of cumultive status variables with some intial time, using the 'uptime' variable as the initial time will result in calculation of misleading values if FLUSH STATUS was executed. So to get true uptime-based counters in MONyog with servers that do not support the 'uptime_since_flush_status' variable (and currently only 5.0 COMMUNITY servers from 5.0.37 do – not ENTERPRISE servers and not any other major branch than 5.0 and also not 5.0 before 5.0.37) you will need to define a 'basetime' in MONyog greater than or equal to the time where FLUSH STATUS was executed last time. Refer to documentation for full details.
* Improved the purging logic with the MONyog embedded database.  Now also system CPU load is considered and purging operations will be skipped if CPU is high.  This is a further improvement to the change in purging logic introduced in version 2.5.