Monyog 3.0 beta 1 Has Been Released

by Dec 18, 2008

* The ‘query sniffer’ can now connect to and retrieve data from a running instance of the MySQL-proxy program used by one or more clients to connect to MySQL.  A LUA script for controlling the proxy for use with MONyog is provided with this build.  With this sniffer option the SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST statement will not be sent and thus use of ‘query sniffer’ will not put any load on MySQL.
* SSH connections will now attempt more authentication methods in case the first method attempted failed.  This will solve problems reported with tunneling to MySQL on FreeBSD that as per default does not support the full range of SSH authentication methods (and possible similar problems).


Also note that there are some bugs with MySQL proxy that you should know.  Most important for use with MONyog are

1)  Simply do not let the proxy listen on port 4041 and you will not be afffected by this.

2) This is more serious. If the MySQL server  behind the proxy stops running, the proxy does not return information about this.  As a consequence MONyog will have to be restarted when MySQL is again available.