Monyog 3.0 beta 2 Has Been Released

by Jan 16, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.0 beta 1 include):

Features: :
* Updated advisors.  This is a complete and major revamp of advisors in MONyog. It is still in progress (around 80% is finished).
* Log Analyzer will expose call statements.
* In Log Analyzer 'Rows sent' and 'Rows Examined' column will be displayed as KBs/MBs.
* Connection Details (Connection name, MySQL user, SSH user, SSH tunneling user ) which are saved from connection details pages are exposed for customization of counters in Monitors/Advisors page. (For instance 'connection name' can be accessed using MONyog.Connections.ConnectionName, 'MySQL user' as MONyog.connections.MySQLUser etc.    Please refer documentation for more detailed list of all counters exposed).  Using this option counters can be made specific for specific MONyog connection details. For instance you can have two connections defined to the same server that  will display each their set of counters.
* MONyog now has an ability to fully utilize the caching abilities of modern browsers. Now when refreshing a page where there is no change there will be almost no network traffic generated and the page will refresh almost instantaneously.

Bug fix: :
* Once a connection in connection page was defined ssh = 'yes' for a Linux server and changed on 'no' then the GUI would not update with proper information.

Downloads: :