Monyog 3.0 Has Been Released

by Feb 6, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.0 beta 2 include):

* MONyog is able to read microseconds from proxy and if available in slow query log and will (for readability) show in milliseconds.
* Sniffer output will now display MAX, first seen time, last seen time, query occurrence %. Also query occurrence % and Lock Time for a query was added to slow query log and query occurrence %  was added in general query log displays.
* Added an option to execute FLUSH STATUS from inside MONyog.

* Grouping of queries is now case insensitive for all forms of query analysis.
* The browser cache support added in beta2 has been temporary removed. There is a problem with Firefox3 with cache and AJAX (update requests were not sent from a cached page – only current cache content was reloaded). Note that FF3 users who had beta2 installed will need to clear the browser cache after installing this build.
* Note that  the 'qd.lua' script for PROXY-based sniffer has been both updated and renamed to 'MONyog.lua'.  For use with this MONyog version the old script must be replaced.


Update: MONyog 3.01 has been released with a fix for the following bug.

* For 5.1.x servers, MONyog did not fetch the log details like slow query log and general query log file path in 'Connection details' section.

Please download it here.