Monyog 3.0 Query Analyzer introduces MySQL Proxy Support and completely new Advisors by Percona

by Feb 12, 2009


We are pleased to announce MONyog 3.0 – a major new release. MONyog is rapidly becoming a cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary tools for MySQL monitoring.

Unlike databases like SQL Server & Oracle, MySQL does not provide powerful APIs to gather extensive profiling information about each and every query. MySQL developers and DBAs have largely used on a combination of the following techniques to find problem SQL:

  2. Slow Query Log and General Query Log
  3. SHOW PROFILES (available from MySQL Community version 5.0.37)
  4. Capturing and filtering tcpdump output

To overcome the shortcomings of profiling features in the MySQL server, MySQL Proxy was introduced which allows developers to route queries via MySQL Proxy and then extract profiling information from MySQL Proxy. (It also provides other features like load balancing, query rewriting, etc.)

MONyog 3.0 can now collect profiling info from MySQL Proxy. All you need to do is to start MySQL Proxy with a lua script provided with the MONyog distribution and then configure MONyog to collect data from MySQL Proxy. With the introduction of MySQL Proxy support, MONyog becomes the only GUI MySQL monitoring tool in the market to support the following features for finding problem SQL:

  1. SHOW PROCESSLIST snapshots at regular intervals
  2. Slow Log and General Query Log Parser
  3. MySQL Proxy support.

Another major change in MONyog is completely revamped monitors and advisors. Most of the monitors and advisors in MONyog 1.x and 2.x were written by Webyog engineers. While we have been developing MySQL tools for the last 5 years, coding MySQL monitors and advisors is not one of our core strengths. Our core competence is in developing slick GUI tools at a fraction of the price of our competitors. So we sought help. Percona, with their huge experience in MySQL internals and MySQL tuning was a perfect choice. With the help of Percona, we have rewritten most of the monitors and advisors in MONyog 3.0.

Embedded below is the Screencast on how MONyog helps you in finding Problem SQL
Screencast on Query Analyzer from Team Webyog.

Last but not the least, you can use all features of MONyog 3.0 without installing any agents or additional software on your production MySQL servers! Download a copy of the trial now from Do send us your valuable feedback.

MONyog is an Enterprise monitoring tool for MySQL servers without the high price tag usually attached with Enterprise tools. Pricing starts at $99/server and $999 for Unlimited servers. Additionally, the licenses are "perpetual" and not "subscription based", so don't have to cough up money every year if your installed version of MONyog is good enough for your monitoring needs.

Finally, for a complete list of features and bug fixes in MONyog 3.0, please refer to the following posts.

Team Webyog