MONyog 3.07 Has Been Released

by May 4, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.06) include:

Bug fixes :
* With SMTP notifications turned "ON" various issues (connection failure, program crash) could occur if SMTP authentication was not used. This bug was introduced with SMTP authentication support in 3.05.
* Fixed a crash with SSH-tunneling.  Only 64 bit build for Linux was affected.
* Counters "cache hit rate", "pruned as percentage of inserts" and "queries not cached" reported wrong in 'History/trends' timeframe.


Added: IMPORTANT NOTICE: the Windows TRIAL and single-server binaries have been replaced on May 6th due to a build error with those specific builds. The error could result in mail notifications not working. Only the 2 mentioned binaries were affected. The file names are unchanged, but the installer screen will identify the new builds as ‘3.07a’. Please replace if you have installed one of those. We are sorry for the inconvenience.