Monyog 3.11 Has Been Released

by Jun 26, 2009

Important note when upgrading from versions before 3.1:
* MONyog now requires a registration code.
* Do not forget to replace the MONyog.lua script if you use the Query Analyzer with proxy-based sniffing.
* RPM users must uninstall pre-3.1 versions before installing this one.
Please read  3.1 release notes for details.

Changes (as compared to 3.1) include:

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug when converting timestamp format (human readable timestamp, unix_timestamp) when reading server logs. The bug could result in time being displayed 1 hour wrong in Query Analyzer if server was in a timezone using 'daylight saving time'.
*  A  SQLite database LOCK could prevent access to the 'system' database. Linux  Operating System counters would then not be available.
* Fixed a GUI issue with IE browser in licensing form page (command button behavior while a command was in process).
* MONyog could crash when user saved specific details (port and password)  from 'preferences' .