MONyog 3.12 Has Been Released

by Jul 24, 2009

Important note when upgrading from versions before 3.1:
* MONyog now requires a registration code.
* Do not forget to replace the MONyog.lua script if you use the Query Analyzer with proxy-based sniffing.
* RPM users must uninstall pre-3.1 versions before installing this one.
Please read 3.1 release notes for details.

Changes as compared to 3.11 include:

* All charts displayed by MONyog can now be exported as PDF/JPG/PNG (from chart context menu).
* Query Analyzer will now sort in descending order as default first time (before it was ascending).

Bug fixes:
* Validation of connection details was not proper when saving.
* In Query Analyzer options that do not apply for sniffer and log files are now disabled where they do not apply.
* In Query Analyzer ’show details’ did not preserve the original formatting of a query.
* Max column in sniffer output in Query Analyzer could show erroneous values in some cases.
* Mail alerts sent by MONyog displayed TRIAL at bottom even after registration of MONyog.
* Various errors like “ErrCode:-1 ErrMsg:PathMgr::GetExeName readlink failed” could occur in MONyog.log. In some cases the error would cause failure to register.
* Sniffer data are purged automatically as per the server ‘retention timeframe’ setting, but it could also happen that Sniffer data that were not old enough to qualify for purging were deleted automatically. This would result in some queries missing after analyzing.
* Wrong error was logged by sniffer if MONyog.lua version 3.0 was used with MONyog version 3.1. However in connection details section, on “Test Proxy”, proper error was thrown.

Changes as compared to 3.12 beta include:

Bug fix:
* It was only possible to export the same chart once unless refreshing the page.

Miscellaneous/known issues:
* Due to a bug in specific builds of the MySQL proxy version 0.72 (it returns incorrect version) MONyog Query Analyzer will not work with those builds affected. Affected builds include versions for Windows and OS-X (but not Linux where this MONyog release works fine with proxy 0.72). We hope that MySQL will fix this soon, but if not we will consider a patch in MONyog itself.
* With Internet Explorer versions 8.0.6001.18783 and higher  (latest available for Vista and Win7) exporting graphics will not work. The 'Save' button (a FLASH object) does nothing in those browsers. We will release again as soon as a fix is possible.