Monyog 3.5 beta 1 Has Been released

by Oct 6, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.15) include:

* Alerts can now be sent as SNMP traps.
* Support for MySQL error log. An alert can be sent when the error log has an entry of type [ERROR] and the error log entry can be viewed in MONyog web interface as well.
* Query Analyzer data can now be exported as CSV.
* Updated and added advisors.
* EXPLAIN/view query from Processlist page will now open in a new browser tab.
* Alerts (mails or traps) will now list the ip of the machine running the MONyog instance (request from users who had more than one MONyog instance).
* Graphs/charts will now have new colors that make the graphs more readable.
* Added next/previous links in register/edit servers page.

Bug Fixes:
* Lots of fixes for browser-specific issues.
* If identical queries were logged from more clients with same timestamp, Query Analyzer/slow query log would only count that query once.
* Long BULK INSERTS would not display properly in Query Analyzer if the option to 'replace literals' was selected.
* Deleting a server registered as number '0001' did not delete the file for that server.