MONyog 3.6 beta 1 Has Been released

by Nov 4, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.5) include:

* Delayed alert notifications. It can now be defined that a problem must have existed for a number of sample intervals continuously  ('in a row')  for an alert to be sent.  A global setting for each server is available from GUI. For individual counters the global setting can be overridden by defining the RetryOverride (like 'RetryOverride:3') property of the (javascript) counter definition in Tools… Customize interface.
* Added counters for monitoring I/O parameters on Linux systems (similar to 'iostat').
* Host and user information is added (optionally) to the Query Analyzer output.  Note:  this option is currently not available for proxy based sniffer.
* Duplicate/Clone Server functionality added to GUI.
* Added direct link to customize counters from the Monitors/Advisors page.

Bug Fixes:
* Notifications did not take 'base time' setting and/or 'uptime_since_flush-status' status variable into account.
* If SSH setting for retrieving Linux system information were once selected and later deselected again, graphs without any information would appear in Dashboard and in MONyog.log errors were recorded.
* Now  "busy" icon is displayed while saving/deleting a connection. When MONyog was controlled from a browser running on a remote machine the absence of this could cause confusion about if change had effect.
* A garbage string like "0NaN/0NaN/NaN 0NaN:0NaN:0NaN" could be displayed when editing log analyzer filter settings.