MONyog 4.0 introduces MySQL configuration tracking, improved customization and better stability

by Aug 21, 2010


We are delighted to unveil MONyog 4.0 — a major new release. Listed below are overviews of some of the major features.

Tracking changes to your MySQL configuration

Maintaining server configuration and tracking changes to it plays a vital role in the maintenance of MySQL servers. DBAs may be responsible for hundreds of servers and keeping an eye on the configuration settings for all of them could be difficult to say the least. With MONyog 4.0 now you can compare global MySQL configuration of multiple servers side-by-side, with all changes highlighted so that differences are visually discernible at a glance. Wondering why server A isn’t performing as well as server B when they share the exact same load? The answer could lie in the configuration files!

What’s more is that MONyog now lets you track changes to the global configuration of your MySQL server no matter if the configuration parameters were specified in my.ini/my.cnf, are server defaults or if somebody with SUPER privilege has executed a SET GLOBAL statement.

Improved customization framework

Many MONyog users have long since complained that the customization feature was complex and hard to use: One had to be well-versed in object-oriented JavaScript concepts to even make a minor change. Moreover, unless you manually backed up your customizations, you’d loose all of them if you decided to upgrade! That was motivation enough for us to redesign the entire framework.

With MONyog 4.0 knowledge of writing basic JavaScript functions is more than sufficient to customize any Monitor/Advisor or roll out your very own set. A simple form-based interface with verbose instructions makes it very easy to define a new Monitor/Advisor.

We understand that not every user will make use of the 220+ Monitors/Advisors that we ship with MONyog. So why waste all the computing power? You can now disable a subset of the Monitors/Advisors and keep only the ones you use. If you change your mind later, you can always re-enable them again.

MONyog 4.0 provides a unique customization interface. Now you won’t have to worry about loosing your changes, making mistakes (you can always revert to the original!), or feel scared to experiment.

Improved stability and lots of minor features and bug fixes

As always, this release too contains a lot of bug fixes. MONyog has undergone severe stress testing and is monitoring 200 without issues in our test environment now. From this release we have reduced the number of Linux binaries. In version 3.72 we introduced packages specific to glibc versions. It was necessary at that time to ensure stability on both older Linux distros (RHEL3-generation) as well as the most recent distros using glibc version 2.5. But we never liked it ourselves. It could confuse users – and sometimes did. Since then we have been researching and testing different packaging concepts so that a single binary will do the job on all distros.  This release contains a single 32 and a single 64 binary – each with the option of a .tar.gz archive and a RPM installer.

MONyog customers can download the latest installers from Webyog’s Customer Portal.

We are very excited about this release, and hope that you will like it. We would love to hear from you.


Team MONyog