MONyog 5.0 Beta 1: A brand new user interface!

by Jan 31, 2012

Important note:  if you have used a previous MONyog version you should clear the browser cache before using this build for the first time.

First of all this release of MONyog gives a brand new look to MONyog's user interface and improves navigation in the MONyog pages.

As a consequence of this some controls and some information has been re-arranged – including:
* Introduced a left panel that contains the list of servers registered in MONyog, ‘Tools’ & ‘Customize’. The 'List of servers' page has been removed. Users can now select/unselect servers from this panel.
* Previously available icons for Edit server/Duplicate server/Diagnostic reports etc now appear as a drop down menu next to each server.
* Previously the ‘Customization’ page appeared under ‘Tools’, now it appears as ‘Customize’ on the left panel.
* ‘Manage Custom SQL Objects’ are now available under ‘Manage changes’ under 'Customize'.
* The global notifications come on the top right hand corner before the help button.
* Pagination added in Query Analyzer page. This removes the previous limitation of 200 queries in the result set.
* The “Global Notifications” come on the top right hand corner next to log-out button.

* Enhanced browser level caching.

* The MONyog API responses are now in the following JSON format: {"STATUS": "SUCCESS/FAILURE", "RESPONSE" : "<Response text>"}.
* Query Analyzer will now display query text up to 5000 characters (before it was 2000).
* We have stopped supporting IE-7 (Internet explorer) from this version.

Please note that the documentation updates are in progress, but not complete with this beta release.