Monyog Disk Space

by Dec 9, 2014

I'm very new to MONyog.


I installed MONyog 3 days ago, but the file is about 24G, I think that is a lot. 

How do I purge the sniffer data manually? While MONyog is up and running, let's say I decided to delete everything older than 8 hrs, is there any way to do that manually, not wait for 'retention timeframe'?


I setup the 'Data retention timeframe' for sniffer from 3 days to 1 day, but the size didn't go down. I'm expecting the MONyog to purge the data automatically after 1 day (if retention is set to 1 days), or is this something that we need to do it manually.


It's very annoying to delete the server and re-add the server again just because I want to purge old data.