Monyog MySQL Monitor 3.65 beta 1 Has Been Released

by Dec 17, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.62) include:

* You can now specify a comma-separated list of users to be  ignored/excluded by notify and/or kill actions for long-running queries in  'query sniffer' interface.
* Added a 'diagnostic report' icon to servers in 'list of servers' page.  Clicking this will generate a report in plain text with the most basic information about the server.
* Added an option to stop/start data collection for a server in 'list of servers' page (without opening the detailed pages for this server).
* Enabling/disabling data collection from and/or alerting about all servers can be done from tools .. preferences .. maintenance.
* Enabling/disabling data collection from and/or alerting about specific servers can be done by calling the MONyog URL with parameters. This can be scripted and scheduled using any standard method available with the OS. Please refer to documentation for details.
* Mail alerts will now have a direct link to open MONyog login page.
* Added an option to customize colors used in Dashboard.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed some issues with validation of user input. For specific data invalid and unusable input could be saved by MONyog. This includes 1) invalid separator between email addresses 2) Entering a decimal where an integer is required.
* SMTP return codes were neither logged nor were specific messages displayed to the user based on them.
* In history/trends an empty graph would display if server details were wrong.  Now proper javascript errors are displayed.
* In connection details page for a server the previous/next links would hide with specific menu items selected.
* Small GUI improvements and fixes.