MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.7 beta 1 Has Been Released

by Jan 18, 2010

Changes (as compared to 3.65) include:

* The MONyog 'admin' user can now create other users having access to a subset of available servers only.  For those non-admin users access to edit server settings, to KILL queries and to execute  FLUSH STATUS is optional. Also note that only 'admin' is allowed to create/delete server and user registrations.
* Monitors/advisors page can now be exported as CSV.
* Some counters in Monitors/advisors page were rearranged. Details about this:

  • "Security" and "Excessive Privileges" groups have been moved to the top.
  • "Table Cache" and "Table Locks" have been merged to a single group "Table Cache & Locks"
  • "Thread Cache" and "Slow Launch Threads" have been combined to a single group named "Threads"
  • "Commands" and "Schema Changes" have been merged to a single group "Commands & Schema Changes"
  • Counters in "Network Traffic" has been moved to "Connection History"
  • Counters in "Sort Buffers" has been moved to "Misc."

Bug Fixes:
* FLUSH STATUS was not working for servers having space(s) in their names.
* Warning also displayed when global notifications are disabled.
* Duplicate 'Server restarted' messages were sometimes sent when MONyog is restarted.