MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.7 introduces multi-user authentication and licensing changes.

by Feb 4, 2010

MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.7  Has Been Released.

From MONyog 3.7 we have introduced 3 editions of the commercial version of MONyog. When we had first released MONyog 2 years back, it was already an almost complete tool for monitoring MySQL servers based on what the MySQL server exposes on SHOW statements.  Since then we have added features that are not basic server monitoring features in the strict sense but additional or supplementing features.  Most important the Query Analyzer was added around one year ago.

Multi-user authentication is a long standing request from customers belonging to large organizations – or just having the need for monitoring lots of MySQL servers. There may be multiple server administrators. There may be development/test servers that the developers of that organization should be able to monitor, but is may also be unwanted to give them access to see details from servers having delicate information (customer data, payroll data etc.).  We have completely rewritten the MONyog authentication system.  It is now possible to create multiple user profiles and give access for a specific user to a subset of servers available only.  Additionally specific 'admin' functionalities (access to edit server settings, to KILL queries and to execute FLUSH STATUS) can be disabled for a user.

As MONyog is no longer just a tool that organizes what the server exposes on SHOW statements – but rather a 'bundle' of tools – we have realized that not all tools are useful to every MONyog customer. MONyog is no longer a “one-size-fits-all” application. MONyog caters to a very diverse range to customers. In some organizations MONyog may be used by a single person only, and in other organizations by dozens of people. Some users will not use the Query Analyzer at all (because they only run standard applications where they are not in control of schema and query design anyway). And so on.  The Ultimate edition is for those users in particular that have full control over their database and their applications and who need multiuser authentication.  The Enterprise edition provides the basic monitoring functionalities as well as the Query Analyzer – but not multi-user authentication.  The Professional edition is an entry-level version with the (original) basic monitoring functionalities. Refer to the comparison sheet for full details.

We thought it is now the right time to have multiple editions of MONyog. This also means that people can start with the lower edition and gradually move to a higher edition if the need arises. This will also reduce the overall complexity and total cost of ownership for several customers.

We have also migrated all existing MONyog customers to MONyog Ultimate and Ultimate upgrade prices are kept moderate.  So if you are already a MONyog customer your Total Cost of Ownership remains same while you continue to enjoy the powerful tools and features of Ultimate.

Release notes in traditional form can be viewed here.

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