MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.72 Has Been Released

by Feb 25, 2010

Changes (as compared to 3.71) include:

* The number of builds for Linux has been increased to the double number of what it was before.  In addition to the builds based on glibc version 2.3 we now distribute builds based on glibc 2.5.  Also we add builds for use with even older glibc 2.3 based Linux that what we had before. There are now builds based on both glibc-2.3.2  and 2.3.4 (the one based on 2.3.4 is the one we had before). We had a few  reports of random crashes (typically occurring up to a few times per week) occurring on recent 64 bit CentOS servers and in one case also a RHEL5.  The glibc 2.5-based build fixes this. Although we only had such reports on 64 bit Linux of  'Red Hat Family' we also included 64 bit tar.gz for all Linux platforms and 32 bit RPM builds.  The general advice on which build (glibc 2.3-based versus 2.5-based) should be used in every case would be that if glibc 2.5 or higher is available on the system you should use the 2.5-based build.  Or simply use the one based on 2.5 if it installs and starts on your system. Upgrading users that are in doubt can continue with 2.3.4-based builds if they have no stability issues.

Bug Fixes:
* When MONyog encountered an SSH error while trying to read a file using SFTP  it could crash. This has been fixed.
* Redundant "Server Restarted" alerts concerning monitored Linux systems could be sent by MONyog. Now MONyog will notify users only once when a system is restarted, and alert will be sent as soon as MONyog detects it.
* When restarting MONyog an error message could be written to the log indicating that an ALTER TABLE SQLite query failed to execute. Technically it was an issue with a Schema version table in the MONyog database.