MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.0.2 Has Been Released

by Sep 21, 2010

Changes (as compared to 4.01) include:

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a performance regression (introduced in 4.0) in HISTORY/TREND analysis.
* Fixed an issue where Dashboard charts were not always populated properly with 'old' data when the Dashboard page was opened. The chart itself and the data-series for the chart are independent data streams and were not always 'combined' correctly.
* The process-level MONyog stack size on Linux is now always expandable up to 10 MB (Linux kernel default) even if user has defined another value. We had a report where MONyog would crash with a very low user setting (and this is basically an OS issue and not a MONyog issue).
* If a MONyog build with a ‘lower’ license than ULTIMATE was installed ‘on top’ of the TRIAL some ULTIMATE functionalities would still run in the background – but not controllable by user. MONyog continued to collect data internally for counters not applicable to ENT or PRO edition and the MONyog.log would log errors irrelevant for the license model.