MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.0 beta2 Has Been Released

by Jul 12, 2010

Important note: Please note that a 4.0 release cannot be downgraded to 3.x as the database schemas are incompatible and the installer will not handle downgrades – only upgrades. However you can install this 4.0 beta 2 on top of any previous release.

Changes (as compared to beta1) include:

* Added an option to compare server configurations. This feature enables the user to compare changes in configuration between two instances of MySQL. Through this feature the user will gain a greater insight on why one server is performing better than the other as far as server configuration is concerned.
* Also changes in server configurations are tracked and recorded by MONyog. This feature enables users to track changes to global configuration of a MySQL server over a period of time and compare changes between revisions.

Bug Fixes:
* Monitors/Advisors Customization: The Group Name of a Monitor/Advisor can now be changed only when a new, custom, counter is created; once set it cannot be changed. Changing Group Names of Monitors/Advisors shipped with MONyog is not allowed.
* Helper functions’ migration: User-defined helper functions were not being migrated in 4.0 Beta 1. If the user wrote his/her own function to use in his/her custom Monitors/Advisors, he or she would lose all changes upon upgrading. Now all helper functions are migrated transparently.