MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.0 beta3 Has Been Released

by Aug 13, 2010

Important note: Please note that a 4.0 release cannot be downgraded to 3.x as the database schemas are incompatible and the installer will not handle downgrades – only upgrades. However you can install this 4.0 beta 3 on top of any previous release.

Changes (as compared to beta2) include:

* All fixes and features already released in 3.x have been ported to this build.  This includes the handling of SQLite caches now requiring much less memory.  Also this build has been checked in depth with leak-finder tools on both Linux and Windows.  Refer 3.8 release notes for details.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed some issues with specific counters including issues where 'undefined' or 'NaN' were returned incorrectly.
* Graphs in 'all time' and 'delta' timeframes for the counter 'Cache Misses' for as well InnoDB Cache, MyISAM key cache and Query cache groups were not displaying but threw the error "Invalid XML data" (these counters were added in beta 1).
* Previously accepted values for the "ChartValue" property in Dashboard charts were "Current" and "Latest". This has caused confusion since both terms mean the same thing in this context, although technically "Current" refers to the current value of the metric and "Latest" to the "Delta" value. Moreover, the documentation mentions "Actual" and "Delta" as accepted values. To eliminate this confusion, the "ChartValue" property now accepts the values "Current" and "Delta" – "Current" referring to the current value of the metric, and "Delta" to the difference between the metric in the previous two collections.