MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.7 Beta 2 Has Been Released

by Sep 8, 2011

Changes (as compared to beta 1) include:

* Added a 'Wayback Machine'. In this interface a graph displaying information about the 4 variables: 1) connection attempts 2) # of statements 3) Threads connected and 4) # of slow queries. The graph diplayed consists of 15 aggregated points for the selected time interval.  The display is zoomable by selecting a sub-interval with the mouse. When zoomed first and last value of (optionally) all or changed variables (aggregated values if display is more than 15 points – point in time values if 15 or less points are displayed) will be listed for a selected time interval and further also if sniffer was running during this interval, aggregated sniffer information will display for the time interval. Also you may click a point in the graph and get point in time information. Wayback Machine is available in Enterprise and Ultimate.
* With this release the dependency on Flash has been removed.  Charts are now rendered using a Javascript library. Accordingly MONyog can now be handled from a browser on a device not supporting Flash (such as Ipad).

Also please note that with this beta release the documentation is not updated.   Also with this beta the option to export charts has been temporarily removed.