Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.0 beta 2 Has Been Released

by Feb 10, 2012

Changes (as compared to beta 1) include:

* Added an option to add users to admin group.
* Columns in the replication tab can now be sorted.

Bug fixes:
* Beta 1 was not able to recognize multiple email addresses in the Notification settings page.
* Added an option of setting the default landing page which was not available in MONyog 5.0 Beta 1.
* Fixed a problem with replication tab not displaying data when there was a connection error.
* Total Size, Data Size and Index Size labels in Disk Info were interchanged in beta 1.
* Sometimes the Dashboard & Trends chart did not plot data.
* Sometimes the email subjects for stable mails appeared as critical alerts.
* Fixed usability & UI issues in all browsers.