MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.1 Has Been Released

by Mar 19, 2012

Changes (as compared to 5.0) include:

* This release requires a new registration code. Registered customers will get the new code from our Customer Portal. Please have the new code available before installing. Until MONyog is registered with new keys, it will not be collecting data from your servers.

* In the 'Disk Info' page, clicking on a donut chart in the Database level of a server will now drill down to table level.
* Query Analyzer' now has information on Average rows sent & examined while analyzing Slow Query Log. Those options has been hidden in version 5.0 and seen only in "Query details" pop up, now in v5.01 users can view those columns in QA output along with "Query details" pop up.
* Comparison of MySQL server configuration of multiple servers side by side is now faster in the 'Server Config' page..

Bug fixes:
* The 'login' page sometimes did not work in some 'minor' IE 8 builds (if not updated with latest patches from Microsoft). Same could happen with Google Chrome that were not up to date. This happened due to 'Google Gears' (that is no long part of Chrome).  It now will work with all IE8 builds and Chrome from version 9.x (current is 17.x) – also with 'Gears'.
* MySQL server configuration could show incorrect values if MariaDB servers were compared in the 'Server Config' page.
* A MySQL server that was a master and a slave at the same time was not showing the slave status in the 'Replication' tab even if it was marked as a slave in 'Register Server'.
* In the 'Replication' tab of MONyog  the display of binlog_do_db and binlog_ignore_db settings were interchanged.
* On a fresh installation the default MONyog port was 8888. This was introduced in 5.0. It is now reverted back to 5555.
* Sometimes queries could fail to display in 'Wayback Machine' interface .
* In 'Monitors' page – History/Trend view charts did not plot if data series contained '(n/a)' value(s).

Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x are no longer supported.  And actually this should have been announced in 5.0 GA release notes, but it was missed (it was announced in 5.0 beta1 release notes however).