MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.11 Has Been Released

by Apr 5, 2012

* This release requires a new registration code if you are upgrading from a version before 5.1. Registered customers will get the new code from our Customer Portal. Please have the new code available before installing. Until MONyog is registered with new keys, it will not be collecting data from your servers.

Additional note added on April 6th 2012: We have replaced the binary downloads on our server. The previous Windows binary identified itself as version 5.1 even if it is was 5.11. If you have already installed 5.11 you can ignore any upgrade notification as long as 5.11 is the latest GA version and if you don't bother about the wrong version identification. As there are no other changes we did not find it justified to do a formal release of a new version.

Changes (as compared to 5.1) include:

* Introduced tag level customization in MONyog Monitors. MONyog tags for servers are now available as MONyog Object Model variable (MONyog.Connections.TagName returns an array of tag names defined for a server). Documentation has examples on how to use it in scripting. Also see the note on 'Native Javascript properties' support in next point below.
* Native Javascript properties (like length, indexOf, splice etc) are now fully supported in Monitors and Dashboard. Note that 'indexOf' is required to extract individual tags from the array exposed by MONyog.Connections.TagName (see point above)  in case there is more than one tag.
* Optimized Dashboard page to retrieve information faster.
* Auto-registered slaves will now have server names as their host names as default.
* Auto registering slaves will now assume the SSH host name of the slaves to be same as that of MySQL host. Before this the slaves' SSH hosts were assumed to be the same as that of the master.

Bug fixes:
* On MONyog restart, server edit, SQLite vacuum and Mysql restart there were 2 consecutive data collections with a short time interval.  This could skew charts and MySQL metrics. Now MONyog collects data 2 consecutive times only when required –  i.e during the first collection and after an unsuccessful data collection.
* Exporting charts as PNG exported as JPEG instead in Monitors page. This bug was introduced in MONyog 5.0.
* UI fixes.

* Increased MONyog session timeout from 30 minutes to 8 hours (the MySQL default).