Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.6 Has Been Released

by Aug 2, 2013

Changes (as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor  5.58) include:

* Monyog supports LDAP authentication (including Microsoft 'Active Directory') for login into Monyog interface (Note: This is available only in Ultimate version of Monyog).
* Added a feature in Query Analyzer to include or exclude queries based on a search string / regular expression.

Bug fixes:
* Monitor trend charts were not updating in realtime.
* Tooltips were truncated in DiskInfo’s table information.
* In Sniffer, “Queries starting with” option was not working properly if query started with a comment.
* Queries starting with a comment did not show EXPLAIN option in the Real Time interface.
* Fixed a crash when viewing replication page if slave details were not properly specified (any detail NULL). We now check for this condition and don't crash.