Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.62 Has Been Released

by Sep 24, 2013

Changes (as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.61) include:

* Removed a hardcoded limit (of 512) of the number of MySQL servers that could be registered with an 'unlimited server'-license. Now the restriction is solely with the implementation of the license in the license key. Customers of 'MONyog unlimited' requiring more than 512 MySQL servers registered in one Monyog instance can request a special license key.
* Added and updated a few counters in order to provide more specific support for MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.

Bug fixes:
* Cleaned up javascript execution running in the background that was not needed. With a large number of servers registered (from around 150 on a typical system) this could result in some slugginess in interactive parts of Monyog due to CPU contention.
* Explain option was not present in processlist page for queries starting with comment.
* Rendering of replication page failed if GTID (Global Transaction ID) mode was enabled for MySQL Slaves.
* Resolving the ip from a hostname happened multiple times during display of replication page what could slow down rendering of replication page noticably on some environments.
* Some Dashboard charts could show incorrect data.
* Dashboard failed to render charts when based on a counter saved without caption, series caption and series values.
* On Windows 'Real_time' monitoring did not work since 5.61.
*  When restarting Monyog it would perform a SQLite Schema upgrade even if it was not required. Version 3.61 was affected.