Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.68 Has Been Released

by Feb 19, 2014

Changes (as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.67) include

* Sniffer now shows database name in long running query notification and also in Query Analyzer interface when Processlist based sniffer is selected. Please note that Processlist only exposes this information if a USE statement is associated with the query. If a 'fully qualified tablename' is used in the query this information will be empty.

Bug fixes:
* Monitor's trend charts and history report charts were not displayed. This was introduced in Monyog 5.67.
* Significantly improved the speed of replacing literals for queries with wildcards in Query Analyzer.
* Connection to MySQL via SSL encryption could fail with valid parameters. This bug was introduced in Monyog 5.61.

* A typo in a Dashboard chart legend has been fixed.