Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.2 Has Been Released

by Oct 10, 2014

Important note: With the 6.1 release we have changed registration keys. The new key is available for registered users from our Customer Portal. Users upgrading from a pre-6.1 version should have the new key available before installing. Until Monyog is registered with the new key, it will not be collecting data from your servers.

* The Real-Time interface in Monyog has been completey rewritten. In addition to a more consistent/intuitive GUI it is now able to collect data from multiple MySQL servers simultaneously (one collection of Real-Time data per server). Once data collection for a server has been started it will continue untill stopped by user, also if browser connection is closed in between. The sole exception is that  Real-Time data collection for a server  will stop after 3 days if no activity has happened inside the particular Real-Time session.
Added an option to set line terminator for csv reports.

Bug Fixes:
* Renaming a registered server to a new name already in use would not raise any error. Instead data for the affected server would not display anymore.
* In rare cases clicking ‘test SSH settings’ -button would not display any response.
* When registering a “Postmaster Enterprise SMTP server” in Monyog, mail notifications failed to be sent.
* ‘diagnostics report’ failed to download when Monyog was running behind a HTTP (‘reverse’) proxy server.
Clicking on editing SMTP settings from server registration page did not redirect to tools page and thus editing was not possible from here. The problem was alone a problem with the particular hyperlink.  From the tools page everyting worked as expected.
* The following gtid-related variables in MariaDB 10 could trigger false notifications: gtid_binlog_pos, gtid_binlog_state, gtid_current_pos, gtid_slave_pos and last_gtid.
* Monyog failed to establish SSH connection to Linux servers using the "OpenSSH-HPN" SSH implementation.
* When an identifier contained digits (such as 'abc12', 'ab12ab' etc.), the Query Analyzer, the WayBack Machine and Real-TIme interface would consider these digits literals, and they would be replaced with '?'.
* If Monyog did not have sufficient privileges to the Monyog /Data folder, adding a new server could crash Monyog.
* In rare cases replication page could fail to render properly.

Dashboard page was renamed to ‘Charts’.
The tab-order of Monyog’s interface has been rearranged.
Also note that ‘WayBack  machine’ interface is still available (unlike what was the case with the 6.2 beta, where we experimentally removed it)