Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.26 Has Been Released

by Mar 19, 2015

Changes (as compared to 6.25) include:

Bug fixes:
* When monitoring MySQL 5.6.3 and higher, Monyog reported false notification alert for ‘innodb_thread_sleep_delay’ when notifications for change in server configuration was enabled.
* Replication page failed to show data if SHOW SLAVE STATUS on one server was hanging.
* Server Config page was not always showing proper data when “show only changed values” is selected.
* In some rare cases Monitors page was not displaying data after editing SSH tunnel details.
* Monyog 32 bit build was not accepting port beyond 16-bit limit (> 2^16 – 1). This limit has been increased to handle full 32-bit range (up to 2^32 – 1).

* Email Alerts in Monyog now contain Tag(s) and MySQL host of the corresponding server.