Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.3 Has Been Released

by May 20, 2015

Changes (as compared to 6.27) include:

* A log of long running queries can now be generated and downloaded as CSV in Sniffer interface (applies only to Processlist mode of sniffer).
* Real-Time is optimized and loading a session is much faster now. Further it shows only data from top 200 open tables and databases.
* Wayback Machine now includes user and host information as well.
* Queries in Wayback Machine can now be exported as CSV.
* MONyog can now send long running query notification to specific selected users only.
* Wildcard filtering using the "*" character as wildcard for user and host is introduced in Sniffer (applies only to Processlist mode of sniffer).
* Same wildcard filtering implementation is also introduced for Ignore user and host in Long running query option in Sniffer (applies only to Processlist mode of sniffer).
* Monyog now logs which user killed a thread in Processlist tab.
* SQLite library bundled in Monyog is now upgraded to the latest version. This results in performance improvement for sniffer in particular where it can be up to ~50%.

Bug Fixes:
* In some cases, Monyog logged SQLite errors when CSOs (Custom SQL Objects) were enabled even when the CSO worked as expected
* Small UI fixes.