Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.34 Has Been Released

by Sep 7, 2015

Important notice: With the 6.32 release we changed registration keys. Please have your new key available when upgrading from a pre-6.32-version. As always you will get it from our Customer Portal.

Changes (as compared to 6.33) include:


* Added more monitors and charts for monitoring a galera cluster. By default, these monitors are hidden. To display these monitors in Monitors page you can enable "Galera" monitor group from Customize -> Manage Monitor Groups. Charts for these new monitors can be enabled from Customize – > Manage charts.
* Optimized system charts for faster loading.

Bug Fixes:

* EXPLAIN option was not available in Wayback Machine.
* In some rare cases, Monyog logged SQLite errors if deadlock details contained double quotes.
* In Wayback Machine interface, Monyog showed wrong time in queries tab when a point was selected in the chart.